Monday, December 10, 2007

Surf Report: Santa is Rad! Part Two [Oh no he didn't!]

See that tree? It's loverly ain't it? That tree is located at Reaction Girl, mhm Radical Twang again. :p

Under that tree you will find a pressie labeled: JellyBean's Pressie and in the description: Blame Jellybean Madison!!

Now, even though you can take it, I don't recommend it. Haha! He gave it to me & after I opened a box inside a box, inside a box, inside a box... TWENTY-SIX times, I found a card that said:

Yay! You got to the last box! Read!
Merry Christmas, you finally found the final gift box!

You were a little late though... Reaction's evil little elfs stole your pressie... better luck tomorrow.

Everyone from Reaction. :)

The one in the store today contains: Reaction - Lump of Coal've been naughty. :o

You got me this time Rad, but I shall return!!! Muahahahahaha
Mele Kalikimaka


Radical Twang said...

...least the box looks all pretty n stuff >:)

Christine Daffodil said...

Yeah, the box looked pretty...but I had to help you choose which colors to use, Bad Santa Rad! :P