Saturday, December 8, 2007

Surf Report: Santa is Rad!

I know it's been awhile since I've done a surf report. Deal with it, my Prozac ain't workin. :p

If you didn't know this... Wrong & Reaction are giving out free pressies every day til Christmas. You should go collect your goodies. :D Make it part of your daily ritual, you know you wanna.

Oh yah and if you see Radical Twang, please let him know that no Bean should be left out on Christmas, and deserves her own pink pressie under the tree. kkthnx

You shout: I dont have a pressie under there at all & I shook every one of em & checked twice
Radical Twang shouts: AAH!
Radical Twang shouts: urs is the black one "ran out of prims !"
Christine Daffodil shouts: that's cause rad is a big meanie!!! he likes some of his kids better than others, apparently! :P
Radical Twang shouts: lmao, of coarse!
Radical Twang shouts: gotta have some favs!
You shout: HaHa! I feel special... thnx Rad but my pressie has gotta be pink *picky picky*
Radical Twang shouts: pfffft, pickyy!
Radical Twang shouts: AAH!

Radical Twang shouts: yay! i see my xmas hat in jelly's blog
You shout: Hell Yesh! See thats how much I wub you Rad, enough to blog with YOUR hat :p
Radical Twang shouts: lmao, w00t!
Christine Daffodil shouts: yaaaaaay! i still say the santa zombies at i am legend are the fiercest santa zombies in all the land!
Radical Twang shouts: hahaha toast to the santa zombies!
HawksRock Gunawan: yeah, I saw it from Jell.... lol
You shout: I'm so blogging how my pressie under your tree was filed under "other" in a BLACK box toooo :p
Craig Stallion: i like the drool personally
HawksRock Gunawan: yeah it was pretty sweet... lol
Radical Twang shouts: lmao, oye!

Oh yah & while you're there buy this sweet Santa hat for $60L :D *smiles brightly, poses & waves at product for endorsement* CHEEEEESE!


theshadow said...

So went there because I wanted the Santa hat to go with my Deviant Kitties Christmas Rufus... and then I bought a waverunner... It's good I live on a beach next to a tropical island in SL...

Oh and wrong gave me coal! :(

Cierra Theriac said...

lol - wait until you see what he put out today...