Monday, January 7, 2008

Hai der!

Sooo, have I waited long enough to be obstinate but not soo long as to be a pain in the ass? I know that our male readership was soo wanting me to wait to see what the next round of pics would look like, but hey I gotta step in here somewhere.

Well anyways, Jell is getting kinda grumpy with me because of the fact that I have started posting over at the new manly blog (AWNM), and sorta left the stew for a bit. You know how it is when you first take the new toy out of the box and you sort of neglect your other toys for a bit, while you are playing exclusively with the new one. At some point, the newness wears off and you come back around, but for just a little while you are totally distracted by the new bells and whistles. Well anyways, we have launched and had great success on the new blog so far. Our first day we had over 650 unique visitors, which was awesome since we aren't on any of the big blog compilators yet (like World of SL, etc).
I haven't left the Stew though, only taken a bit of a high-anus (cuz I hear that is the cool thing to do these days.) But I am back, and I will be making more of an effort to keep typity type typing things over here.
The even better news all around is that Jell should be back and fully functional tomorrow evening... woot woot!! I miss you babe!! mwah!

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