Saturday, June 2, 2007

4 Weeks or 1 month?

Introducing Hawks' very own tringo area at home. When you share a home with one of the two bestest hosts ever, having tringo at your door step is a must. :) Sadly it's only T2 because Classic Tringo is no longer available. I tried to have both up there cause that'd just be awesome. I think it's utter bs that the classic is discontinued... oh well.

Anywho, Aka built this entire area set up 600m above our garden. She's so talented. For the theme, all Hawks wanted was dance area (the circle design area), cuddle spots (all the Pillow Talk Pillows) and I forgot what else. So far I think it looks fairytale-ish. I really like it and hope Hawks does too.

Happy big 4 weeks. :p I know I said that I wasn't celebrating weekly anymore & that's still true but cut me some slack this time. The line is fuzzy on this one. :p Technically today marks our fourth week, but We've been together since May 5th, so that makes this Tuesday (June 5th) our official 1 month. Does that make sense? Prob not, it confuzzled the hell outta me too.

Okay back on topic, I think for the most part the area is done. We had our first inaugural game yesterday with Aka and David. I don't think they'll be too many scheduled events but it's always there when we want it. :D

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