Saturday, June 2, 2007

Have you seen this hair!?!

Hello... I have to have this freaking hair from Celestial's Starley Thereian. I went to Celestial tonight with Hawks & found the one beach hat style but not this one in it's gorgeous Yeehaw-ness! HELP ME! I really *need* it!!! NEED people this is not a want. I could possibly faint into a puddle of my own drool & drown. :(


Ann said...

Did you find it? If not, it's to the extreme left as you come in, across from the beach hat hair. And, omg, shouldn't she make the demo colors into a real version?

Ann said...

Ah, I just checked Starley's blog and I guess there was some fuss about it looking like another designer's work, so she pulled it for a bit...because, you know, there's a patent on cowboy hats these days. *insert rolling-eye smiley* But they're definitely back out today! Yay!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Oh! That's why I couldn't find it! It does look similar to Gritty Kitty's version, but this one is sculpted. That has to count for something. Sheesh! Besides, do you remmy the Gritty Kitty clone era? OMG! Everyone was wearing it. O.o