Friday, June 1, 2007

Good Stuffs!

Coming to a stream near you...
The Metronome is hiring DJ's. That's right. Tips only but sounds like hella fun nonetheless. Here's the notice:

Calling all DJs...seeking DJs for The Metronome Jazz Club and The Rock Factory. If you are a jazz/blues DJ or a country/rocker/whatever DJ and are looking for a weekly gig, we are hiring in San Francisco, Danica. IM Sasyblonde Hebert or Rex Tardis for info.

Sasy & Rex do a radio show together & they're always fun to listen to. Hawks & I have been discussing dj'ing together a little bit that it was kind of funny to see this notice today. After talking to Sasy & then discussing it more with Hawks, we've decided to give it a go. I've been a dj for awhile just on hiatus, This sounds like exactly what I need to jump back in the water and what better way than holding Hawks' hand, right? We're both full of uber delightifications about it. So stay tuned, you may be hearing us live soon. :)

Avilion Castle Grand Ballroom
This place is simply amazing. I was introduced to it months ago when Hawks & I were just friends challenging eachother. Now I can't get enough of dancing here with him, ahem, or anywhere else for that matter. *mush*

The first masquerade ball of the day, to benefit Relay For Life, is beginning now at the Avilion Grove Grand Ballroom! The event shall run from 12:00pm SLT - 2:00pm SLT. The second event is this evening from 8:00pm SLT to 10:00pm SLT. There is a raffle ball handing out prizes! Please help support the relay and donate to the available kiosks! Use the landmark to reach the Ballroom, and don't forget your mask!

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