Saturday, June 2, 2007

jOmG! Sculpted Sneakers!!!

Yes, I said it... Sculpted Sneaks! They look good too. I ran across these yesterday when I was searching SLex for a masquerade mask. They're made by Tekilah Elytis. She has a small modest shop at the Arcolith Project shopping mall in Baku and then of course her SLex listings.

There's 5 diff colors to choose from in the same style:
Red/White Sculpted Sneakers
Brown/Teal Sculpted Sneakers
Autumn Sculpted Sneakers
Black/Grey Sculpted Sneakers
Grey/Blue Sculpted Sneakers

Cute sculptie sneakers for only 199L a pair?! No way shut up! They are made on tiny feet so they will fit any size. Also Copy/Mod so you can scale to your feet. I think my fav part is the heart design on the back. Anywho, go checkity check out her store.

Tekilah's Store at the Arco


Internet Superstar said...

I bought these sneakers and my erectile dysfunction disappeared! I cannot reccomend them to anyone enough!

That Jerk said...

a heart on the back

my god