Monday, June 4, 2007

Did Truth move in?

Nah, he really didn't but someone with the same icky house taste did. Enough people know my feelings behind that house so I won't go into detail. This isn't about Truth anyways, but "people" feel free to lead him here so he knows he was mentioned. Ha!

Okay what to say? What to say? How about if it isn't bad enough to have a house dropped in front of your doorstep, how about one that looks like a car dealership? Seriously throw some slow spinning shiny cars inside on both sides of that build, mayhaps some colorful flags on string, and completely festoon the place... Viola! Ed's Cheap New & Used Cars for Less! Buy Here! Good Credit! Bad Credit! No Credit! No problem! Ack!

So yes, this is what I logged into this morning. The owner(s) on that side own a total of 37,904 sqm in the Mignon sim. We are on the Wildmutt simline with our piddly 16,096 sqm facing their sim. You'd *think* that with all that land (most being direct waterfront) that they could find mayhaps a better area to set this metal/glass house up at... But noooooooo! I get to look at a stainless steel fireplace pipe as I log in.

Now I kinda wish the shitty wall was back, at least I could see beyond it without camming straight up. Saddest part is that it is so freaking close to the house, that turning draw distance down isn't going to help avoid seeing it. We could, as Hawks said to me earlier, set our DD to 50m and still see it. Grawr! Ack! Bleh! Someday we will own all of Wildmutt and build huge fortress walls where we shoot boulders from catapults, cannon ducks & spit balls at ugly houses of neighbors! I HAVE A DREAM!

Baby... FIRE!!!!
**end vent**


Anonymous said...

seriously.. i dont think people care about how crappy they make our skylines. Krius and I have this odd temple and huge ass floating store blocking our beach/sunsets. like you cant get any pretty pictures cuz people build really bad things right where it counts. o.o gimme one of those castle catapults!! I'll take em alllll down :P

Wrath Paine said...

Funny how owning land can be so rewarding one moment, then next thing you know, not so pleasant.

Almost enough to make me consider buying property on an island with a covenant against ugly builds - except I don't trust that the island owners won't raise their tier fees dramatically or should I happen to stumble and hit my head and suddenly have the desire to live in a used car dealership.

Sounds like it's time to bake more cookies, Jells. Good luck, girlfriend.