Monday, June 4, 2007

LL Policy (sorta) - Jelly's View

I read this on PixelPulse Magazine this morning:
A European parent-teacher group called Familles de France is apparently suing Linden Lab to prevent minors from signing up for Second Life, saying the grid contains “pornographic photos and videos in free access [where] users can mimic sexual acts, going as far as rape scenes, bondage, zoophilia and scatophilia,” according to a report on A court hearing is set for June 18, the site states.

Let me state how fucking moronic this is to me... Parents need to spend more time watching their kids & knowing what they are doing online rather than suing every time their nose tickles. I am a parent of a teenager and she is never on the computer without my permission. The desktop is locked down til she asks me to get online and I put in the password. I know all her passwords & monitor her activity. Hassle much? May seem like it to a lot of people, and it was at first, now it's just daily routine. I even let her play in the Teen Grid until the LL password fuck up scandal. She is never unattended online and it's not because I don't trust her but because I don't trust others. Just like Lala said this morning, "There are so many online predators because it's a harvesting ground of children who aren't being watched." This is so true. I'm tired of people blaming LL for being bad parents and fucking up my escape to live my fantasy world the way I choose to live it. If I want to be a neko (and I am) and fuck like a bunny, or play nice with dogs, be friends with mice or what the fuck ever... I should be allowed to. I pay $9.95 usd in premium account fees on top of my $75 usd a month tier. I think that gives me some say in my slife, my world, my imagination. What it boils down to is this... The problem is client side. it's not a LL thing.. It's a "Parents not watching their god damned kids" thing.


Tweeze said...

I think this holds true for other corporate/legislative/content-filtering entities as well. I've always been a proponent of responsible parenthood instead of resigning parental guidance to allow children to be directed by corporate/government policy. It is neither the responsibility of a "terms of service" nor of legislation to educate children in what is acceptable sexual behavior -- that task lies solely on the shoulders of their parents or guardians.
Furthermore, I see cases such as this as an admission of guilt in parents. ..."my kid saw part of a hoohoo and a koochie on a tata! I need to blame someone, 'cause it surely isn't my fault!!"
To quote Chris Rock: "Well, I take care MY kids... Uh, well... You're SUPPOSED TO!!"

Gen said...

I soo agree with you jells its curzay to sue for something that you have full control over. What they choose to do with that control is what it is. Being a person who was raised by a single parent (moms didnt really know how to handle the whole internet thing back then as for most parents who didnt know much about pc in general) it makes no sence what so ever for parents now to be unable to know what is going on in their childs life... DUH you pay for the net dumbass. Not to sound mean... I was that bad as teen who took every avenue to keep my moms out of the loop, but we all pay the price.
I like the fact you do what you do to protect your child Jells...I praise you for that. There's always going to be something that the parents who aren't doing there JOB to the max are going to bitch about. Back in the day, it was TV programs. OOOO violence on tv... now its the net. Poor poor LL I do hope they resovle the issh as best as possible.

Wrath Paine said...


Word to you mothers.