Sunday, July 8, 2007

2.0 Zilla Update Revisited

After two years and over 150,000 pictures, Snapzilla is about to emerge from beta and jump right to version 2.0. SL's best photo sharing site is about to get even better.

Coming soon (yes it is still coming,
and will be worth the wait) :
-user groups
- picture uploads
-a brand new picture browser
- a list of places to visit later
- much easier tagging and album creation
- custom SL tshirt creation from Snapzilla pictures
- member profiles
-new comment system
-new search options

If you would like to be first to try out some of these features, be sure to join the group Snapzilla Fans in SL - they will be announced there first.
I know I posted this before but after waiting, sitting on my thumbs, waiting, playing with my pinking toes, and waiting some more I finally im'd Cristiano. The scoop is eta is ASAP - the group stuff is done, the new delay has been in creating a new registration for Snapzilla since he switched the forums to a new platform and he is about to close the old forums which Snapzilla used for registration.

In addition a new shopping site is being added. Which you can view here. It combines the browsing style of an online store with the ease of use of posting a forum post anyone can place an ad easily you just need a picture of the product, a SLURL link to where to buy it, and boom. As a shopper, you can add things to your wish list so you can easily go back to them when you want to buy them in world.

If you know anyone who sells stuff, let them know about it - He hasn't done a formal launch yet as he would like to get it filled with more content. The new SLU Classifieds site initially it will just contain new product announcements, but will expand to contain land for sale and rent, help wanted, and more. In creating new forums, Cristiano didn't want repeat the same format that has been used over and over again ad nauseum.

Some highlights of the new classifieds:

- They are fully integrated with these forums. Once you are registered here, you can post an ad there
-Ads can contain multiple images
-Ads are searchable by text and keywords
-Specialized fields such as permissions, prim counts, minimum plot sizes, etc.. for different categories
- You can view ads by seller, date, popularity, randomly, etc..
- You can add an ad to your watch list, to make a list of products you want to buy.
- You can leave comments on ads and also rate vendors. These features will be moderated to protect against abuse.

Placing ads on the site is free - all you need is a single product image - the system will create the other sizes for you automatically.

Please note - if you are having any trouble seeing the site, add this URL to your ad blocker white list: . Some users have had issues with the site appearing blank or not having images - it is an ad blocker interfering.

If you need additional categories added, please send Cristiano a private message. Once you place an ad, you can edit it - the link to edit is near the bottom of the ad, under User Options.

Hope you enjoy the new site - it is still undergoing some cosmetic changes, so excuse the mess.

Anywho that's all for now. The End! :D

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