Saturday, July 7, 2007

Slow Dance V6

Craig Altman, the driving force behind Bits and Bobs Animations along with help from Jenny Dinova and Yoshimi Muromachi, has quietly turned my SL experience on its head again with another new version in his line of Slow Dances. It seems he quietly released his new V6 on June 28th, and Jelly and I just happened across it when we were looking for some new water animations last night.

A quick review of the prior versions (I have yet to find a V2, although I have to think that it exists out there somewhere):

Slow Dance - The great primer slow dance with just enough going on to keep your interest.

Slow Dance V3 - The use with great caution or you will end up married or preggers with any noobs on the dance floor. My personal all time favorite dance. This one has the perfect blend of awww and lust all rolled up into one. We close the night every night with this dance when out dancing, that is if we don't just end up starting on this one and never leaving it.

Slow Dance V4 - The heavy on groping action, and great au d'hoeurve for making a statement that you are just beginning the night and not ending it *winks*. This one also ranks very high up the list of all time fav's.

Slow Dance V5 - The ode to Junior High dances, which honestly I avoid like the plague. The slow rocking, gazing, and holding hands just brings back memories of trying to muster up the courage to move off the wall and go ask the hot chick to dance... Now that I have bagged the hot chick, this one isn't really necessary.

And now Craig has introduced a Slow Dance V6 into the mix, which I have to say Jelly and I are LOVING at the moment. We mainly enjoy having something different in the mix, as well as the slow spin, dip, and lifting action which demonstrate a closeness of feeling that fits us perfectly. Our first public display of this dance and we are already getting asked where we got it, so other people are responding to it as well. In the spirit of a picture being worth a thousand words, we shot a quick vid to demo the dance for you all. Head on down to Bits and Bob's main store to pick it up, since it is only available there.

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know, "Slow Dance" (no number) is not Mr. Altman's work. At least, such a dance is not sold at Bits and Bobs, only the numbered ones.