Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Greenies Project

I'm really excited to tell you that Rezzable owner RightAsRain Rimbaud will address the Things To Do group today at 1pm SLT, and answer questions on the mysterious greenies project that's been causing so much curiosity and controversy of late. After the Q/A, the Greenies SIM will open up to 50 avatars to go exploring together. This is a **MUST** attend Things To Do!

And that it was... Hawks & I explored this sim the other day together but as soon as Eva im'd me telling me she was there, I latched on & away we went. We started the Q/A with our host & sim owner RightAsRain Rimbaud (RAR). According to RAR, Rezzable is new company with a goal of building and enhancing online communities. They work with SL brands, like Greenies, Toxic brand, etc. If you take a look at the big map, you will notice there are something like 30 Rezzable sims making up a Rezzable continent. The one I'm most excited about is "Surfline" which will be surfing stuff when completed. RAR says it takes approximately 8 manmonths to complete a sim from start to finish.

The Greenies sim in currently open to the public and surrounded by theories of Starax's return to SL. I know a lot of people have been wondering if Starax is back, and if he had a hand in this... RAR's official statement was "never met Starax". Though this could be true, it does not mean that he has not met the new Starax (alt). I found in exploring this sim that a few people had there hands in the making of each Greenie. Technically three designers, 2k Suisei, Unreal McCoy, and Light Waves. All of which have alt-like profiles with the exception of Light Waves who took the time to fill his/hers out.

Leave it to me to sniff out a conspiracy theory or make one up. :p Back in November of 2006 I was given a folder from Unreal McCoy of creations by Light Waves. Why me? I thought. After dragging the objects (which included Greenies as well as a couple other sculptures) out & looking at them, I noticed that these creations were very Starax-esque. Not too long afterwards I learned that almost everyone in the "Magic Wand Society" received the same folder. Back then we all believed this was the return of Starax.

I don't know if he's back or not. It's almost one of those "everyone needs something to believe in" type of things. Like Eva said earlier, the rumors & speculations can't hurt this sim opening. If anything, this is some great press to bring in some big-time traffic. As a huge Starax fan, I would say that I honestly hope he's back and that he is finding the fun again in SL.

For More Info:
Visit the sim - Greenies Home
You can find Greenies SL on Flickr here
About Rezzable Productions - They have a website but it does nothing.

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We now have some amazing new pieces on sale...furniture, flowers, sculptures...they are best ever in SL...all by the master!

Love, Verde