Thursday, July 5, 2007

Jelly's Closet - Mix & Match

I don't care for long weekends away from Hawks. Newp, I do not. Not at all. Unfortunately even though it isn't the weekend technically, we are experiencing some time apart due to RL stuffs. So lucky you, haha! You get a Jelly's Closet. Some are new releases, actually I think only the top is. Meh. Oh well, it's cute.
I'm not going into a long review on this outfit though because even Captain Obvious could tell ya, I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't like it so duh. Short & sweet. That's the way it should be done, with SLurls even. Woah! Go Jell!

Glasses: primOptic glasses - sofia (attachment point nose, modded to sit on top of my head)
Hair: ETD Melrose - Dirty Red (tinted my pink) flexi pony
Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Charmed Skin - 40 skin tone (Drama) from my "*CS* Charmed Skin Greatest Hits ~ Tone 40" pack
Necklaces: ::Goth1c0:: Rotten Necklace Small size (worn on spine) and SiniStyle Custom Dog Tags (Hawks n Jells) (worn on chest) Yah, I modded the attachment points on one, can't remmy which.
Bracelet: pINK - Domino Effect (sorry my store no longer exists- you'll have to IM me for it)
Ring: My Wedding Set (it's original so back off) :p
Top: TRUTH - Veruca Salt Cami [Plain]
Capris: -UNIONBAY- Inga Tuxedo Stripe Bermuda
BandAid: PanJen - Band Aid & Graze set (comes as two textures, you put on your own layer)
Sandals: boing fromage Studded Leather Sandals Brown/Brown
Photo Location: Chi - a portal gateway that awaits you ~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air ~ Earth ~ Surf ~ zen


Dreamer said...

trapped in crappy connection speed land [boots ISP in the nuts] .. at least i get to see beautiful Jell + read her Jellicisms + gaze fondly on the spectacular sandy beach of Chi :D

tysm sunshine <3 mwa

PS r they there yet?? :P

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Awwww *my* D!!! I am missing YOU! Newp, not here yet. *hears Dreamer's "dammit!"* Haha! I keep checking. Hurry back to me soon. *snogs*
<3 Mwa!

Dreamer said...

i miss u too Jell!!! mwa it's hell out here sunshine .. stay in there where it's byoooodiful + Hawks'ish!! :D [lets you]

<3 mostest!

PS hair looks yummalicious!