Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Fourth of July - Part One (RL + SL)

*yawns & stretches* Fourth of July is big here because of where I live (military post). I've been hearing cannons & "hooahs" for 2 days. The festivities start early (like 2 hours ago) with a 5k run... yah, no thanks. We have a carnival, booths with games & crafts, BBQs, live music (not that great) and traffic. I'm not in the mood... not yet.
So I log into SL debating on a Stellar Skin review. I take the pics, I think of how to write it before I say fuck it. All morning I've gotten notices from the LME group regarding Fourth of July themed Live Music events.

Thinking this might be just what I need to get in the mood & take my mind off of missing Hawks, I chose one. Introducing Funky Rang. He was playing live at The Night Owl (Jade's joint is the bomb diggity. Beach front dancing, great music (dj & live), fat sploder & theme/costume parties). I think he's really Randy Newman with a keyboard. :p He plays funk, soul, blues, standards & funny stuff. He was cracking me up. I wasn't too keen on the keyboard sound/noise, but I loved the interludes and his opinions were making me laugh so hard. He sang very patriotic songs & gave his humorous political views. At one point he said "You should not fear your government, your government should fear you." I completely agree.

Hawks eventually joined me & chased off the guy trying to pick me up at the bar. Yay! Hawks! All in all the crowd, atmosphere & "ambiance" was a good experience. I vote him a must see. He fits SL perfectly. :D Funky Rang is available for all occasions.
See calendar below.
-Funky Rang's Calendar-
updated July 5 2007
All times are SLT and subject to change.

Monday & Tuesday
Office Hours (IM Funky for an appointment)
Funky's Joint, Kat Mall

The Night Owl Club, Isle of Miracles

Vibe HQ at Shaea Lagoon, Shaea

The Night Owl Club, Isle of Miracles

THE SAVOY, E4Commerce

Ridgemont Pub & Raceway, Blue City

Crazy Sharks, Crazy Sharks

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Adec Alexandria said...

Happy 4th July to you all! ...although it just seems to me like a goed old excuse to skive work for a week! ... lmao .. get back to work you lazy lot!