Sunday, August 5, 2007

SLove & Romance: 101 Ways to Woo

Jelly has been on me to lay out a guide to wooage for the blog. Well I decided to try to come up with 101 Ways to Woo. I had some awesome help towards the end from Dreamer and Jelly to make sure I hit my goal... Hope this helps, feel free to comment with others... the beauty of it is that it is something that is unlimited in scope.

1. Dancing at Avilion

2. Pay attention - notice when she changes her outfit, hair, shoes, skin, etc

3. Be honest above and beyond all else

4. Movie night

5. Rooftops - nuff said

6. Be random

7. Mia Cuddle Park

8. Riding the rides at Prim Hearts amusement park

9. Compliments - new dress, new hair, new shoes...

10. Leaving flowers where she logs on

11. Take notes on the profile - little things like Birthdays, Favorite flower, favorite music... you never know when they will come in handy

12. Stream favorite music

13. Request favorite music at a club/event

14. Hire a DJ for your special time - every third person in SL is a DJ

15. Comment on her snaps/pics

16. You can never say I love you enough

17. Listen to what she says

18. Use the midnight setting - A LOT

19. Combine 18 with some hot local lighting options - ie candles/torches/etc

20. Role play to keep it fun

21. Spend time with her friends, make an effort to know them

22. Put in some effort - effort wins over skill, you just hafta show you care

23. Buy a couples animator - a quick hug/kiss can go a long way

24. Explore together, new sims equal new opportunities

25. Take time to just spend together and block the rest of the world out it shows you value each other's time

26. Try out every pose ball you find - note though that pose balls assist and do not replace wooage

27. Go to Bits and Bobs and pose ball shop together

28. Go to Sexy Jesse's and shop for pose balls together

29. Search the event listings and find new things you haven't tried

30. Go to the art museums/exhibits and discuss what each of you like

31. A balloon ride over a scenic sim

32. Jazz dancing

33. Plan a weekend getaway for just the two of you... search the classifieds for rental options

34. Custom tat's with your love's name

35. Send random offlines so she gets them when she logs on in the morning


37. Be descriptive - the more descriptive you are, the more of a connection that can be made when you are talking about the other

38. Write poems - again effort over quality will win out in the end

39. Email love songs that remind you of the other

40. Pick a song for the two of you, that you can then request EVERYWHERE

41. If you are in an area where you can build, then you can drop a cuddle rug and fireplace and instant atmosphere

42. Take her ice skating

43. Take her roller skating

44. Alternate going to your favorites, trade off.... showing your favorite hot spots

45. Buy her a gift - it is the applicability to what she likes that means more than the price of it

46. Not building the list with Jelly on the line, so she can get bent if you haven't done one yet

47. Remember the important dates!

48. Agree to what these dates are so you are working from the same calendar - especially the date you became "official"

49. Celebrate small things as much as the big ones

50. Don't tease - u hafta be careful cuz it can turn mean too easily

51. Pacing yourself so as to not lay out entire bag of tricks at once

52. Laugh together A LOT

53. Laugh at yourself the most

54. Apollo gardens

55. Sinistyle custom dog tags with your names

56. Take lots of pics to remember your memories

57. Be true to yourself and don't be something you aren't, cuz the truth will eventually come out

58. Keep a lil time for yourself as well to keep things fresh

59. Go to the zoo

60. Write a blog together... ;)

61. Live music events together - whether good/bad/or ugly they will give you things to talk about

62. PDA (public displays of affection) rocketh

63. Don't beat each other up over exes or past mistakes, focus on the now and the future, and what you each learned from your past

64. Buy a hammock with cuddling positions

65. Go to Parrot Island and enjoy the jet skis and swimming

66. Play games together - Tringo being a fav...

67. Incorporate skype or voice into your convo's - this makes it easier to facilitate multitasking and adds a more emotional component to it

68. Find as many places to have secks as possible (Tringo, Blogger meetings, pirate ships, etc etc)

69. ummm what else can you put on 69 - other than mutual satisfaction

70. Take turns treating the other to whatever it is that they like the most.

71. Watch Heroes together so you can talk about it - even if you hafta wait til the next day due to time zones

72. Let her know you are thinking of her if you aren't together

73. Take ten minutes and set aside and each list what you love about the other

74. All relationships are based on trust so that has to be first and foremost

75. Talk about things, so don't make assumptions if you think something negative

76. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try new things

77. Provide encouragement to her in whatever she tries to do

78. Don't ever come across as hafta, but always as wanna with her

79. Read a book together that you can discuss

80. Offer up a footrub/massage and be sure to describe in detail what you are doing

81. Don't use canned quotes/lines to express yourself, actually express YOURSELF

82. Don't try to change her ears... accept who she is

83. Don't expect to get secks, but be grateful when you get it...

84. Use your own words, relying on the excite wording is just lame

85. Treat her with respect

86. Don't do anything you wouldn't be comfortable doing in RL - unless you are both comfy with it


88. Be there with her now.... don't split time in a bunch of IM's or playing other games

89. Kiss until you can't live without anymore oxygen

90. Slow dance V3 at least once a day

91. Couple inner tube ride through Dragon Moon

92. Pick up her lingo, because women love a cunning linguist.

93. Be original - you can't duplicate everything from your past exes or it WILL come back to bite you

94. Be loyal but not blind or stupid

95. Communicate, communicate, communicate

96. Buy some penguins or other favorite cute pets

97. Don't take short cuts or rush it along, take your time and enjoy your moments together

98. Long leisurely conversations without timetables

99. Take lots of time to cuddle on the other side

100. Spend time thinking back over the pivotal events that brought you together and revisit those memories once a year

101. Open up and share yourself, cuz that will draw you in closer.

Whew, that should get you through a good week at least... gluck with that! :)


Dreamer said...

did we forget ..

#102 .. be creative!


Alex Burgess said...

Okay, Hawks, I don't know whether to kiss you or drag you down a dark alley and shoot you. On the one hand, this is a brilliant and helpful guide which many will find useful and get good mileage from. On the other...

if Myg asks me to come up with another 101 without repeating any of yours, you're dead.

Ana Lutetia said...

Great and excellent post!! All guys (and girls) should read it!

HawksRock said...

LMAO Alex... Well you know how these things work. Jelly had a few friends that mentioned how they never get any wooage, so she thought we would be providing a public service to the community at large if we offered up some suggestions... I have nothing but the utmost faith that you can come up with the next 101. I will let Myg know how much I support that endeavor, and will look forward to seeing it next week. :)

Gillian Waldman said...

um wow. *whistles and hopes someone with blue hair sees this* lol. Great job!

Alex Burgess said...

1. Um... Bring home some of that new cake batter ice cream in RL and then take her out in SL so she can eat it in both worlds at the same time.

2. Uh, slip some extra L$ into her account with a list of the latest hair releases at her favorite shops

3. Dang, this is a lot of work. Um, ... Agree with everything she says. Ok, ok...

4. ...

*begins laying out arsenal* "Hmmm... the PPK with the silencer? Or maybe just the 1911 auto?"

HawksRock said...

ROFL, you are doing it man, just keep em coming. Once you get the momentum rolling, they will keep on trucking up to about number 78, then you hafta work a bit at the last 23, but I have faith... You can do it!

Thanks Ana and Gillian... :)

Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

OMG, JellyBean, where did you find this guy? :-)

You guys are so lucky!

What an extensive list, I can't believe I read the whole thing. I love this post. Hopefully it will serve as a guide for others.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

*licks the tip of his nose*
I found him at tringo! :D It's better than your local grocery store. :p

Anonymous said...

I should say that I read your blog daily, but I rarely comment. I find it warm and charming and cute as hell.

But this post is one of the most useful things I have see in a long time.

Wrath said...

Well, that answers that.

Jelly sure is one high maintenance gal. ;-)

Ha! I kid. I am sure she only requires the first 25 items on a daily basis. *g*

But seriously, Hawks, thanks for making the rest of us guys look like the slackers we are. If you think this promotes you to the head of the Wrath Paine Mantourage Services® you are sorely mistaken. In fact, you just set back the whole male movement like by three years or something.;-)

Anyway, it was a pretty damn good list, I hate to have to admit. Although, let's be honest here and not try to fool anyone. This article was originally submitted as "100 Ways to Woo" until JellyBean went to post it for you and got all editing crazy and added that extra sneaky one, by inserting it into #87. And I have proof - not just because I've never heard a guy say that - but see for yourself, the capitilization doesn't even match, sheesh! hehe

HawksRock said...

Casius/Wilhelmina... wow, thanks, those are very nice things to say... :)

Wrath... To be totally honest with you, yes that was a Jelly addition, but it was thrown out in general chat. I do type and post my own posts... lmao. I disagree with you though on the lack of interest in foreplay with guys. I actually am a HUGE proponent of foreplay. I am all for variety, so there are times when yeah I wanna slam up against a wall and knock it out in minutes.. but there are other times when I want to spend a couple of hours before anything comes off, and then take it slow, sort of savoring every tingle... I think that if guys took the time to try it, they would like it. Again, not every time, but it is a great way to mix it up, and not something to be overlooked. :)

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