Saturday, August 4, 2007


So as I catch up with all the blogs, drama, lynch mobs & scandals after the honeymoon... That one line caught my eye, so it became my title. Haha! OMGWTFBBQ! Scandal? In SL, really? Drama is everywhere... here's my favorite definition:
The Five Signs of DRAMA:
1. If you only listen to one side of a story, and then form your opinion, you might be a DRAMA member.
2. If you take sides when two of your friends are fighting, which only adds to the DRAMA, you might be a DRAMA member.
3. If you don’t talk to someone because you’re mad at them, you might be a DRAMA member.
4. If you worry more about what other people are doing, instead of focusing on yourself, you might be a DRAMA member.
5. If you continuously gossip, or talk negatively about total strangers in a social setting, or talk about someone behind their back (whether it be friend, foe, or strange), you might be a DRAMA member.
So what, we all know she was a Whitfield, and we care why? I don't. Moving on...

Here it is day 2 of voice in the main grid & *I* still don't have it. Anyone else feel the irony of this? I'm like the biggest voice supporter between me & Hawks, and who gets voice? Hawks!!! He doesn't even want it. Lmao So, here's what I think the issue is & I'm going to test my theory tonight... I believe it's because I have 2 soundcards (onboard & external) for dual dj'ing on one stream. Tonight I'm going to pop one of those suckers out & see if that works. I'm tired of not being able to eavesdrop, I mean converse with others. Tote. Wish me gluck! Ya'll won't be able to shut me up. Just ask Hawks. :p

Flickr & Snapzilla
Yay! I get it now. Thanks to all ya'll that helped me finger it out. You Rock! Oh yes, you really do! Gold stars for everyone! My Flickr stream is here if ya wanna add me. I do like the organizing, tagging & edit features over Snapzilla. Eventually Cristiano has plans of the upgrade but it is taking forever. So for now I'll send the special ones to Flickr & the run of the mill hangage ones to the Zilla.
Recent changes to Snapzilla: On Wed, August 1st, Linden Lab changed the postcard format to increase picture quality and size. Previously, no matter what your settings in SL, all postcards came out a fixed size (40X480 or so). Now, the resolution and quality settings are not ignored - the postcard images will come through in the resolution and quality that you pick. This results in much higher resolution images, without the annoying JPEG blur on them. is This also means dramatically increased storage and bandwidth requirements for me, and a change in how picture are displayed on the site to accommodate larger sizes. Please bear with me while I adapt the site to these changes. ~Cristiano
He has also removed the star ratings and in my opinion that's fucking awesome. I saw it used more for vindictiveness than for good & I think people can now live without fear of 1-star rater stalkage.

I have to say that I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I did miss blogging so much and when Hawks wasn't on, I did venture off our little slice of heaven but not too far. During the time he wasn't on, I was pretty occupied with my current RL stuffs so it was nice to fall into each other's arms when we both logged in after a long day. We did some fun getting to know each other better things & I just have one thing to say: I am so lucky to have married one smart & sexy man. :D Oh yah and yay for randomness... ha!

Goodbye Wildmutt
We've put our two parcels for up for sale in Wildmutt. One is on the corner of three sims (Mignon, Wellard & Lassie) and the other (our garden area) was more inland but still borders the Mignon simline. We decided that together Hawks & I would like to shop, and purchase a new place for just us to include water & all the sports that go with. :D We may settle for smaller as I believe we have almost 19000+ sqm in Wildmutt alone. I think we found where we wanna be, it's just a matter of getting there before it's gone.

Welp, that's my catch up for now. Gosh, I feel better. Kisses all!

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Ann said...

There's a nice quarter sim for sale near my little parcel...beachy Nautilus and Linden protected on one side. They're asking quite a bit for it, but you might be able to talk them down if you like it. ;-)