Saturday, August 4, 2007

Clock Island

Back to my normal blogging schedule... :D
"URASIMA" is said to be the island, where the crazy genius lives. I stumbled across this sim in non-Hawks time yesterday and was completely amazed. Not only is it a great photo location, but there's a mystery behind it. Mayhaps ya'll will have better luck figuring out the riddle.

At the tp point there seems to be instructions but things I touched gave me notecards with clues written in a different language (most likely Japanese). I'm assuming that I don't have the right language installed in SL since it just came up as ******. Visiting the crazy-genius website confirmed that it was a different language, though some of it is in english. If you ask for hints though, you get question marks unless that language is installed in your computer.

The sim is owned by bascu Ling which could be the SL name for FRANCK MULLER. World Commerce Corporation seems to behind the website & most likely the build. Sorry I'm not a super sleuth to dig up all the facts on it but if anyone finds out anything else or knows more please let us know.

Hawks & I were there today & he was able to translate some using Babel Fish translation site. It made our heads hurt. So in any case, it still remains a cool place to take pics all Alice in Wonderland-ish.
To get to Clock Island, just tp here.

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Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

It seems to be a really cool site! Even if the texts are in some other language, the images look so interesting, I'm so curious, I must visit it!

ps: it's so great you put the slurls for the places! Lots of people never do that.