Thursday, August 16, 2007

4 MGs + Voice + The Block = Fun For All

First off let me say I know that a lot of people are peeved when SL behaves badly and they (like me) blog their frustrations. Well, not today. Today I want to say "I LOVE YOU SL". Yup, I went mad shopping, tp'd at least 12 times, kept my hair (among other attachments), received all my purchases, voice worked, I barely lagged (when I did it was cause I was 2m from a blingtard), and had no issues that could even be considered complainable today. [knocks on wood]

So Aka & I hit our last shopping stop - The Block & decided to rest our tired tootsies on some boxes outside of Form. We people watched & voiced the whole time. Not too long after, Rosie logged in and then Laylah joined us as well. Four MGs and voice while people watching turned into mass funning. Let me see if I can sum it up:

Laylah: "BOYS! C'mere, the doctor says it's not contagious"
Rosie: "Excuse me [insert guys name here] can you get in photo range please?"
JellyBean: "I hate that AO, you see it? He keeps scratching his goatee, think he got crabs in it from that girl he's following?"
Akasha: *laughs*

JellyBean: "Welcome to Form, new additions & AO to the right, but if you're looking for a good time Laylah is on *MY* right."
Laylah: "HEY! I don't take plastic!"

Seriously it was a riot of like an hour of non-stop laughing & rawness. Let's do it again tomorrow! Oooo and charge admission! Same box, same sim!

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