Thursday, August 16, 2007

The DJ Bloggers!

Okay so here's what we have so far for Sunday's (August 19th) Blogger Party...

Alexander Burgess
DesertWolf Longstaff
Wrath Paine
HawksRock Gunawan

I'm fingering the party will be approximately 2 hours, so that gives each of you a 30 minute set to play *your* favs. Screw requests, do a YOU-SET! If the party goes over, I'll take the stream at the end.

If you need the stream info, please let me (JellyBean) know before Sunday so I can put you up on the stream & test that it works.



Alex Burgess said...

Oh yeah, I am so looking forward to that. A Wrath set as well! And yes, I need the stream info, can you IM me, drop a notecard on me, or email me at alexander.burgess at yahoo? Tanks!

Zoe Connolly said...

Having DJs at our parties is a fantastic idea Jelly!

I'm wondering if having a DJ rotation might be a good idea for future SLBloggers Parties as well. Then we can have volunteers for hosting and DJing

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Alex... I'll get that info to you as soon as I get home today. I have a notecard so I can drop it on each of ya.

Zoe... It was so Hawks brilliant idea. I love it! :D

DesertWolf said...

Sounds good Jelly, just drop one on me too.
Also, my kid has a b'day party to go to till 4pm,so I will be arriving late, so you might want to schedule me 3rd or 4th..
Thx :)