Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jelly's Closet - My Newest Items

OMG! So yay I got quality Hawks-time today so you get a happier Jell. :D I know, I know you missed me. :p Just kidding. Anywho, in my Hawks absence, when I was actually inworld, I shopped and over bloated my invey BIG TIME. I'm now sitting at 36,214 items. Ouch!

TESLA - Bowler Hat (unisexy)
Starting with my new hat! Omg! I love hats, even more now that I've fingered out the secret to hair vs. hat (thats another post). This Bowler hat is from Tesla. Oh oh, the plethora of head topping goodness just doesn't end in that store.
0 Style *Lemon* Hair
I already had a couple styles from 0 Style I bought awhile back when the store was tiny. I'm so glad I took a second look today. I love this Lemon Style and it works with all the hats I bought today. :p If you have to use search, try 'Zero Style'.

Candy Faces by Chicanery
I saw this last night on Fashion Victim and showed to Dreamer. I didn't have time to get them last night but Dreamer loves me. I logged into a folder of 3 Candy Faces from my Buttercup. :) These are new at Chicanery. I have Aches, Bruise & Sprain (pictured). They are the cutest lil dolls. If you've never been to Chicanery, I'm sorry. :( I love this store... full of toys, dolls, playground springs, the pack of the missing backpack, avatars, amusements and oddities. Don't forget to fuck an avocado while you're there and don't forget to take pics. :o

NippleGate Shirts for Your Protesting Pleasure
Okay I agree with Dinee on this one. This is getting out of control, BUT the shirts are free, FREE Dinee. *cheesily grins while wagging her finger at the crowd* I agree SL is an art form inside itself. I do think that the artists have kind of lost perspective here if it's come down to shirts with "Vic, do not touch on our nipples" and "Nipples Are Art" printed on the reverse. It could be a lot worse though. Honestly. Vint has said a lot on the subject as well. That's where I heard about this shirt. It's free on SLexchange so you can get yours too. I did get them for 2 reasons... 1. they're free and a piece of SL history 2. I couldn't build my way out of a paper bag let alone be an artist, this is a way I can show my support. So it kind of makes me seem hypocritical but in my head, it makes sense.

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Extra Links:
Tattoo: InkD Tattoos
Pants: Dutch Touch
Shoes: FNKY Cake

Anything else, just ask :p


Caterin Semyorka said...

36,214? Yowser!!

Gillian Waldman said...

She's been here 3 years lol

Cierra Theriac said...

OMG! How do you find anything? You must have some amazing system to keep track of things. I was getting dropped jaws over 16,000. I don't feel so bad now :p

Caterin Semyorka said...

Ive been in SL 9 months and have a paltry 5000, need to get out and SHOP some more, lol!

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Lmao it's like I collect 10k a year. :p I wanna give major credit to my 'holder' folder and I do stay organized - clothes-wise anyways. My objects are a mess. :D

Dinee Ghia said...

Yes Jelly I'm going to get a t-shirt :)
As for you not being an artist, don't ever say or even think it. I look at your machinamas and think... damn that girl has talent! Each and everyone that knows you says the same thing.

Ann Launay said...

In the interest of increasing your inventory further, have you checked out CatniP yet?

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

I'm soooooo on my way. :D Ty Ann