Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cupcake! At Fashion Mode

A new Store full of swanky goodies, fresh baked for your pleasure! Introducing Cupcake! A fellow tringo'r, Kiki Cunningham is one of three designers (Crystyle Bukowski & Tilly Tokyo too) behind this sweet-shop of retro wholesome goodness.

I bought this uber cute Saucy Carhop dress in pink, of course and Hawks & I played 50's dressup. :p I paired it with my Sand Shack Surf Couture - Diner Hip Apron and a pair of pink roller skates.

There's so much to check out at Cupcake... Hair, jewelry, shoes, and clothes. Jump into retro. You can find them in the North East Corner of the Fashion Mode complex. Also they have a blog!!! Yes, add it to your feeds.

TP To Cupcake
Cupcake Blog

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