Monday, September 17, 2007

New Yumminess!

Made for a man... ganked by a woman. :)
These are the new set of 10 retro shirts with prim attachments for that extra something something from Artilleri. They come with a prim collar and prim sleeves. One of the prim sleeves has a cigarette pack tucked into it, but included is one without it for all the non-smokers out there. The prims are big because yes, it is a guys shirt. The good news is they are completely mod. Yay! Another plus is that Antonia Marat is still a people-person, meaning that these are transferrable. Yup, so buy some for your sexy man while you're there buying em for yourself. Thank you Antonia.

Pillow Talk - Personal Pillows
These pillows allows you to sit anytime anywhere, even in no build areas. Just click to wear it. It will attach to your right hand. You can adjust the positioning of the pillow while you are wearing it. Just right click on it, and choose edit. Select 'position' from the edit window, and move your pillow to your desired position. You can retexture it, or color it... however you wish. Available individually or in a 3 pack at Pillow Talk. These are also transferrable & make a great gift.

New from Craig Altman
The Fireside Toast Animation is the newest release from Bits and Bobs animations. Its a 1 minute length laying toasting animation, it was a suggestion by Amethyst DeFarge as a wedding type thing, anyway its at the Main Store and the new one placed with the other wedding sets if anyone fancies a look. I just bought this tonight but plan on testing it out with Hawks tomorrow.

That's all the new stuffies I have for tonight... Kissiepops & huggles

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